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Skin Philosophy Training prides itself on embuing students with an in-depth knowledge of the science of the skin and creating a high standard in the next generation of therapists – whilst creating a welcoming and supportive environment to learn in.

Skin Philosophy Training is dedicated to providing high quality, product-neutral education including the latest and most advanced skin treatment techniques. This has spread nationwide and consists of training centres across UK & Ireland, delivering the highest levels of qualification in education of skin available. Graduates praise the small group sizes and the thorough training that gives them confidence to launch into the world of aesthetics.

What really makes us stand out is our focus on the science of the skin. It is our raison d’etre, and we are committed to passing this enthusiasm on to our trainees. Our courses are more challenging than other alternatives out there because of this, but all the more rewarding. We teach people to truly understand the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ behind every treatment, which they can then pass on to their clients.

The practise has recently expanded to create kits that our students can buy, to enhance the services they can provide once graduating. Our vegan, cruelty-free skincare, our skincare tools and Facial Electrics machine will all help elevate their practise when setting up their clinics (as well as letting them practise on lucky friends and family members whilst learning with us).

At Skin Philosophy, we are always looking to share what is at the heart of everything we do: our passion for skin.

Founder Annalouise Kenny

Annalouise Kenny is the owner and founder of Skin Philosophy Training. Founded in 2011. The industry of aesthetics was expanding rapidly and there were, at the time, no schools focused on educating therapists in advanced treatments like laser, peels and needling. 

Annalouise by the age of 25, had been working in the industry for 7 years, worked around the world and had already set up 3 successful clinics, concentrating on just advanced skin & laser treatments. 

During this set up all staff were provided with supplier training, 3 hours in length, to then treat clients with laser and peels.

Annalouise regularly trained her staff and recognised that there was not enough training provided independently

Leaving her career in 2011, she set up the first ever school focused only on training therapists in advanced laser & skin treatments

Annalouise Kenny owner of Skin Philosophy
Franchisee Jessica Stagg, Horsham & Taunton
Jessica Stagg

Jessica Stagg is the franchisee of Skin Philosophy Training

Jessica at the age of 16 started working in the industry and went onto working within various different environments from Spas, Beauty Salons and Aesthetic skin clinics all over the UK, particularly in Somerset and London. “This was greatest experience as gained knowledge in working within different environments, providing a wide range of specialized treatments, working within different teams and client personalities”

Jessica began building her own business within the industry at 18 offering treatments from home, mobile appointments and now have opened various award winning beauty and skin clinics.

“This has given me the knowledge of understanding of building a business from the bottom up within many different environments, working with many different personalities, problem solving, marketing and the importance of the front end and back end of a business”

Jessica qualified with Skin Philosophy Training in 2013 and has been teaching for Skin Philosophy Training since 2016 taking on her own training centre franchises. “I have been on many training courses and in my whole career, I have not come across training as detailed and informative as Skin Philosophy to with their students. “

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