Skin Philosophy Training is looking for driven professionals who are passionate about education in aesthetics and helping build a brighter future for people. 

This an excellent opportunity to start your own business as a training facilitator delivering our accredited training courses. If you are looking to get into training and want a plug & play solution with a highly regarded Aesthetics School, so you can start delivering certified training, this could be the opportunity for you

What does it mean to be a Skin Philosophy Partner?

When you join the Skin Philosophy Training network of Instructors, your local Area Manager will work with you to get your Training centre up and running as you prepare to start your training. We want to make sure you have what you need to succeed, so as well as two week’s initial training, we’ll supply you with the business model, and the support of our Brand Marketing team, plus we will invest in your professional development with our ongoing instructional training.

  • You don’t need a background in education to become a franchisee. 

  • This is a full-time business opportunity where you will build and run your own business while also helping people fulfil their potential

  • You will become part of a network of Instructors that share best practices along with the satisfaction of making a difference to people’s lives

  • You’ll have an Area Manager to offer advice and support in launching, running and marketing your Skin Philosophy Training  centre


What you get from the Partnership

  • How to teach course with qualifcation
  • Centre approval with governing body / bodies
  • Registration and certifcation of students
  • All theory coursework covered by us
  • Coursework marked by us
  • Theory exams delivered
  • Organisation of calendar and student bookings
  • Examiner visit organisation
    Student support groups
  • 1 Facilitators Bible – Detailing Everything Needed To Deliver Successfully
  • Skin Philosophy Training Email Address
  • Sales Leads
  • Support From Skin Philosophy Training
  • Certification Awarded By Skin Philosophy Training and Governing Body
  • Discounts On Skin Philosophy Training Qualifications
  • 10% Commission On Confirmed
  • Referrals On Qualifications
    Access To Other Services At Discounted Rates
  • Exclusive Territory For 3 Years – Renewal in year 4
  • Social Media, SEO, Optimisation & Digital Mail Campaign Support
  • You, will be Assessed Periodically By Our In House Assessor To Ensure Quality
  • Added To Skin Philosophy Training Website With Picture & Bio

About You


From the initial enquiry, Instructors generally take between three to six months to get up and running. These timelines vary depending on location and whether it is a new or existing Kumon study centre

The Franchise Recruitment Manager will provide introductions to existing Instructors and organise a centre visit for you, thereby avoiding disruption to classes. You will also complete part of your initial training in one of our flagship study centres to enable you to get hands-on experience of a study centre environment before you open your own centre.

We are interested in people who are passionate about education and developing people, who want to run their own business and have a passion for the aesthetics industry

As a franchisee you get to run your own business, with guidance from your dedicated Area Manager, and use the unique Skin Philosophy Method of Learning. The course  programmes are designed for students to work independently, with guidance from their Instructor. As the Instructor, your understanding of the programme is vital to the success of your students and you will therefore receive extensive training to gain an in-depth knowledge of the programme materials and how to use them to help your students excel.


When buying a start-up franchise, you will be required to invest a minimum of £5,000 towards your licence fee. You will need to budget an additional £3,000 – £5,000 for stock set up


In addition, you will also need to make provision for rent and other running costs bearing in mind cashflow

You will be only responsible for delivering the practical element of the course in your premises. You will be responsible for ensuring you have the stock and equipment to deliver. Skin Philosophy Training will be responsible for everything else including; marketing, student enrollment, registration, delivering of online theory, marking of course work, organising of calendar dates, theory exams completion, student support, IQA visit, certification and postage.