All of the following courses are specifically for people with no previous qualifications in the beauty or aesthetics industry. Each course is broken into which treatments you would like to specialise in.

  • If you would like to start doing skin treatments, to take the first step into Aesthetics. Then you need to complete Become a Skin Therapist Course. You will learn and become qualified in how to analyse the skin, carry out a facial treatment and learn electrical facials. You will also be given information about more advanced skin treatments.
  • If you would like to carry out and specialise in just laser treatments such as hair removal, tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation, then the Become A Laser Practitioner course would suit you best.
  • If you have a passion for skin or suffered with skin problems in the past then you need to Become A Skin Specialist. This will cover all the basic in skincare, facial, facial electrical treatments and also skin peels, skin needling and radio frequency up to Level 4
  • If you would like to do all of the treatments above then the best course is Become An Aesthetic Therapist. This will qualify you in A&P, Facials, Facial Electrics, Advanced Skin Analysis, Laser Hair Removal, IPL Skin Rejuvenation & Tattoo Removal.
  • Become An Aesthetic Practitioner will cover all that is included in Become An aesthetic Therapist and Level 4 Qualifications in Skin Needling, Chemical peels & Radio-frequency
  • The most advanced course we have, you will finish a Level 5 Aesthetic Practitioner. This course covers all advanced aesthetic treatments up to Level 5. To see more click here: Become a Level 5 Aesthetic Practitioner

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