As we prepare to open and and start this year as a new one, we wanted to help you to get going. We have introced a whole suite of support for your business 

If you are opening up a new business: Setting up a clinic webinar Choose which way you want to join the event:

1. Join via Website: https://skinphilosophytraining.clickmeeting.com/setting-up-a-clinic

2. Join via Mobile Application:
Room ID: 349-989-796

Convert start time to your timezone: http://www.clickmeeting.com/converter/349989796

One on one business mentorship

We have put together a business support package to help tailor advise to your individuals support needed for your business.What does this entail?An initial, over the phone or online, consultation with Annalouise or Jessica, whom both have set up numerous clinics and businesses ver the years.

Once we have established what advice and help you are looking for, we will put all the information into an email and send it over to you. We can continue to go back and forth or into specific subjects in more detail. (Charging £40.00+VAT per hour)

This can be anything to do with staffing, branding, social media, marketing, building your business, products, treatments, future training.Any future training courses we recommend, we will add this into the email summary for you.

We will also book a date in the diary to come, visit yourself and the clinic (£250.00+VAT), this will enable us to really understand your business, your brand, where you are at now and where you would like to go. It will enable to tailor all our advice to the wants and needs of your clinics and salons to enable you to put in place.

We can also put together staff training packages where we come to your place of work (or you can come to our academies) and have team training.

From product and ingredient knowledge, to sales, hitting targets, what is expected in the workplace, customer service.
Pricing structure
£40.00+VAT per hour for online and over the phone mentoring
£250+VAT clinic visit
Discount on VTCT courses
Start from £350+VAT in-house clinic team training 
After 3 months, we would like to catch up to see how you have got on. Any benefits that have been added to the clinic/ salon and if we can be of any further use.

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