What is involved in the portfolio in the laser course?

The portfolio is a mix between theory and practical. The practical case studies will be covered throughout the six days in training. The theory will be completed at home by the student. In order to pass the course, the practical case studies need to be completed and so the assignments. There is no theory test but the students will be examined constantly throughout the practical days. On the last day an Internal verifier will be present to also assess.

I am / have been working with lasers do I have to the course?

If you are working with lasers already, we can use that so you do not have to do the full 6 days. You will have to come in for the first three days so we can establish how much you know and what we can recognise as prior learning

Can I fail the course?

If a student does not present the portfolio and have the adequate information, the student can be referred. This is not failing but will possibly passed at a later date when they are assessed again. If the student does not feel fully confident to do the practical assessment.

Do I have to supply models?

We supply models but if you have anyone that wants to have a free treatment they are more than welcome

Will I be fully confident to go out and work after the course?

We aim for all our students to be fully confident and competent to a high standard after the course. If you do not feel confident after the course, you are always more than welcome to attend more practical training free of charge.

Do I need to wear uniform?

For the first five days you do not need uniform, on the last day of assessments you are required to wear uniform and look professional.

Do I need to be a beauty therapist to do these courses?

For all the courses apart from the sales and laser course, you are required to have a beauty therapy qualification or a medical background. The laser course has officially no prerequisites but we would advise you have completed NVQ level 3 course in Anatomy & Physiology. We can help you organise that.

What do I need to bring with me?

You will be given a manual when you arrive but we would suggest you have paper and pen for extra notes

What do I have to pay and when?

20% deposit must be received to secure a place on the course. You can pay as is suitable to you as long as the course is paid before it commences.

Will I have follow up support after the course?

After the course you will be given access to the student area. In this you can download material like consultation and consent form to use as you require. We also have a fully back up system if you email us with any problems we will be there to help.

What machinery will I be working on?

The qualification is to give you an education on all types of machines so we do not work on any specific machinery. Each location has different equipment. We are completely independent of suppliers

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