At Skin Philosophy Training we have worked with thousands of students to help them set up their very own skin clinics around the entirety of the UK. This is thanks to our own internal experience with our very own founder Annalouise Kenny having founded an incredibly successful skin clinic in Barnes, Skin Philosophy. The name for skin aesthetics in South London, Annnalouise and her staff have made a name for themselves through fantastic treatments and exceptional customer care….so for all our students who are looking to open up their very own skin aesthetics clinic we thought we would offer all our unique insights and views, helping you to get started.

1) Location, location, location

It doesn’t matter how great your skin clinic is if no one can find the place. Try and find premises that are on a high street – meaning you will gain from foot traffic – as well as near public transportation and/or near parking, which can be particularly tricky if you are opening a salon in London. You may also want to consider finding premises that have an additional room that you can rent out to a local beautician; which can be an additional source of revenue and an additional reason for individuals to visit your clinic.

2) Professionals

It can be extremely tempting, when you are starting a business, to do everything yourself. And there are absolutely certain things you can do internally to prevent soaring costs. However, having a lawyer read over your tenancy agreement and Terms and Conditions is absolutely vital, preventing potential back-breaking costs in the future. Not only that, but it is absolutely vital that you have insurance. Despite the fact that it is illegal to practice without it, you can find yourself facing bankruptcy if a claim is brought to court.

3) Marketing

It is not enough to simply have a clinic, you have to get people through the door. It really is important that you develop a real marketing strategy to get word out about your clinic.

We would recommend using Facebook and Instagram – even considering putting some money behind targeted posts in your local area. You may also have some local magazines that could be immensely beneficial, just make sure for any marketing material you use a proofreader to make sure there are absolutely no typos on your leaflets.

4) Networking

Networking groups can be a fantastic way of getting the word out about your skin clinic. Take a look and see if there are any groups in your local area that could well be of interest…Remember people buy from people so if they get to know, like and trust you – you could well find your business reaching new heights.

5) Enjoy yourself

Starting a new business is hard, frustrating and, at times, utterly consuming. Never forget that what you are doing is extremely brave and you should be immensely proud of yourself for starting your own business.

And if you ever need any additional support or help please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team on 0208 876 3999 or drop us an email

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