Level 4 Skin Needling ( Skin Pen Included)

Level 4 Skin Needling Course
Skin Needling Training
We have hooked up!
Following on from students finishing our courses and buying bad chinese pens, including the ones that are sold from suppliers here!
We have decided to link up with a reputable brand, with a highly efficient pen and amazing follow up support.
Anyone who has been doing skin needling treatment as long as I have (10 years) will know know that one of the most important factors when purchasing a pen is the motor.

A cheap skin needling pen will not bounce into the skin thus creating a drag on the skin, this causes the treatment to be more painful, excessive blood and longer downtime for the patient.

Other factors include the splash back of the fluids (the pen should prevent this happening through plastic sheaths or the needle tips) also the serums that are used, the training that is included and the cost per treatment for you. As pens go I have always loved Dermapen and Skinpen but now Cosmopro have launched the dermapro. I love the stand that comes with it, that automatically switches off the pen when you need to apply serum, the cost per treatment is less than its competition and I know the girls don’t mind 100 phonecalls if someone needs advice

This Level 4 Skin Needling Course covers dermapen and microneedling rollers.
This course is perfect if you want to introduce micro needling, derma rollers or dermapen into your clinic or add another qualification onto your c.v.
With skin needling there are risks associated with incorrect training. We educate you in these risks so you can provide the highest standard of service and confident in your treatment.
The Level 4 Skin needling course also covers both rollers and stamp method. So you get to see the benefits of both treatments.The course will include the following topics:
History of Micro-needling
The difference in rollers or stamp method
Patient Selection
Skin anatomy
Treatment Records
Treatment techniques
Post treatment care
Device care and maintenance
Demonstration and practical session
Effect it has on the skin
Reduces fine lines
Stimulates collagen
Reduces Acne scarring
Reduces Stretchmarks 

Level 4 Skin Needling Course Course Fee: £1250 + VAT (includes registration fee & Exam fee)(Excludes kit and beauty tunic)

Entry Requirements: Level 3 qualifications are required however students must possess a good level of English

Skin Needling Kit: Take home FDA approved skin needling device and start treating clients straight away. Skin Needling kit to cover treating 10 clients £1500 + VAT

Level 4 Skin Needling Course (Pen included) £2500 + VAT
Cosmopro pen is medical pen made in Germany. There is no drag or tear to the skin as associated with cheap pens. This includes a stand to hold the pen while applying serum and all other necessary equipment

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