CIBTAC Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Skin Studies & the Practice of Chemical Skin Peeling & Microneedling

CIBTAC Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Skin Studies & the Practice of Chemical Skin Peeling & Microneedling

This Diploma qualfication provides superior knowledge and understanding of the skin,  elementary cosmetic dermatology and the comprehensive diagnosis of skin health.

With the inclusion of our Advanced Skin Science and diagnostic units, this course will enable you to maximise the efficacy and safety of your aesthetic practices through greater insight into combined procedural options for long term treatment planning and skin health management. Coupled with Chemcial Skin Peeling and Micro-needling, it is everything you need for advanced studies and practice

The full diploma is composed of:

SDT01: Core Knowledge of Aesthetic Practice

SDT02: Advanced Skin Science

SDT03: Provide Investigative Consultation and Advanced Skin Assessment The Optional unit is the following:

SDT04: Principles and Practice of the Medispa Sector

CIBTAC Level 4 Chemical Peels

CIBTAC Level 4 Skin Needling

Course Content

This unit will reinforce and enhance the leaner’s understanding of their individual responsibilities and those of the

multidiscipline team within the clinical environment in relation to health and safety, legislative issues and UK government guidelines. This will ensure that necessary processes and procedures involved in dealing with health and safety, hygienic practice, risk assessment, preparation of the clinical environment and professional ethics and codes of behaviour are put into place and followed.

This is a preparation for work unit with the aim of providing underpinning knowledge in advanced anatomy and physiology of the skin to support the delivery of cosmetic procedures within the aesthetic skin care sector. Equally it serves to advance the knowledge of anyone working within the skin care and beauty therapy industry beyond that of general Level 3 standard and the learning provided by industry manufacturer training.

This unit is designed to ensure that the learners knowledge and skill in relation to client/ patient consultation and analysis of skin condition and type, is appropriate for practitioners carrying out clinical aesthetic treatments.

This unit will develop in depth knowledge of and understanding of skin diagnosis using visual diagnostics. Learners will also explore intrinsic and extrinsic elements which influence the condition and appearance of the skin.

Learners will gain an understanding of how to carry out a thorough skin assessment using zonal analysis methods and evaluate the causes and characteristics of skin types and conditions.

Learners will carry out investigative consultations and advanced skin assessments and reflect and contextualise the information to be able to devise safe, effective and ethical skin treatment programmes

This is a preparation for work designed to ensure all practitioners have relevant and current awareness of the medispa sector outside of their own practice.

This unit will examine: the treatment modalities and treatment practices being carried out in the medispa environment and the range of cosmecuetical products that accompany treatment and are available to the client. It will also examine the CPD opportunities that exist in the sector and it will ask learners to analyse the benefits and the limitations of treatments and products available to the client and consider the potential future developments.

  • The Indications and General Practice of Chemical Skin Peeling
  • Peeling Agents and Formulation
  • Procedural Considerations and Practical Techniques
  • Peel Systems, Product Knowledge and Protocols

Module 1 –  The Indications & General Practice of Micro-Needling
Module 2 –  Micro-Needling Equipment & Associated Products
Module 3 –  Procedural Considerations &Practical Techniques
Module 4 – Product Knowledge & Protocols 

All courses are run as small groups (4/5 people) which allows plenty of opportunity to ask questions or seek further support if required. This also ensures that over the few days, you will have lots of models to practice on.

All of our tutors specialise in Aesthetics and have worked in the industry for years. Our college curriculum is based around moving into advanced skin treatments not just learning beauty facials.

All centres have the very latest equipment and products required to adhere to industry standards. We also have an on-going Support Team and a Facebook group available to answer any query you may have regarding your training with us.

We do provide study materials to assist you in completion of your written coursework & in preparation for your assessments.

All products and tools are provided for the training days at the centre when you attend. No kit is required to complete the training days, nor included in the course fee. Tea & coffee are provided on the training days.

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