Courses for Complete Beginners’

Looking to change your career? Many people who come to us are looking to switch their careers completely, and specialise in skin. Others want to qualify incrementally, and slowly move into the industry. Some wish to supplement their existing income with a home or mobile clinic. What all of our students have in common is a passion for skin, skincare and wanting to help others feel better.

Our small class sizes, the wealth of experience shared by our teachers and the variety of courses we offer, which are taught through a combination of home study and practicals in person, mean that we have the right fit for you and your future career.

Our beginner courses are geared towards those who have no experience in the industry. From the science of our skin to client care and how to create a relaxing experience for your client, we know how to guide you through your qualification to build up your confidence and knowledge. Whether you choose the Level 2 Facial Course or the Level 5 ‘Become an Aesthetic Practitioner’ (the highest qualification in aesthetic you can currently attain), you will receive the same level of care, communication and quality.

All of the following courses are specifically for people with no previous qualifications in the beauty or aesthetics industry. Each course is broken into which treatments you would like to specialise in.

– Our course ‘Become a Skin Therapist’ is aimed at those who wish to take their first steps into the aesthetics industry. You will be qualified in analysing skin (something we take very seriously), carry out facial treatments and learn facial electrics. You will be given the theory on more advanced skin treatments, but not qualified to carry these out professionally.

– ‘Become a Laser Practitioner’ is for those looking to specialise in laser treatments only (such as hair removal, tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation).

– Many of our students are passionate about helping those with skin problems, having suffered with conditions such as acne themselves. ‘Become a Skin Specialist’ is perfect for those looking to learn the basics of facials and facial electrics, alongside more advanced treatments such as skin needling, skin peels and radio frequency.

– If you would like to do all of the treatments above then the best course is Become An Aesthetic Therapist. This will qualify you in A&P, Facials, Facial Electrics, Advanced Skin Analysis, Laser Hair Removal, IPL Skin Rejuvenation & Tattoo Removal.

– For those looking to enter straight into a career as an aesthetic therapist, then ‘Become An Aesthetic Practitioner’ will cover all that is included in Become An Aesthetic Therapist and Level 4 Qualifications in skin needling, chemical peels and radio frequency.

– ‘Become a Level 5 Aesthetic Practitioner’ is the most advanced course we offer. This course covers all advanced aesthetic treatments up to Level 5, and is suitable for beginners as it still includes the Anatomy & Physiology NVQ and entry-level facials, working up to the most advanced treatments at Level 5.

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