Level 4 Skin Aesthetic Course

Learn how to effectively use Skin Needling, Skin Peels and Radiofrequency treatments to best treat skin conditions such as pigmentation, aging, acne and rosacea
Core Knowledge of Advanced Skin in Aesthetic Treatments

‘Advanced Core Knowledge of Skin’ is the first of its kind in the industry. The course was created exclusively by Skin Philosophy Training in response to the demand from Aesthetic professionals, doctors and nurses looking to advance their knowledge in skin types, conditions and treatments. If you understand the basics of skin but want to learn how to effectively treat rosacea, pigmentation and acne with more advanced skin treatments, then this is the course for you.

Anatomy & Physiology of the Skin

To succeed in this industry, it’s vital that technicians can analyse the skin precisely and scientifically, so we teach our students to look at:

  • The anatomy and histology of skin.
  • A layer-by-layer analysis of the epidermis.
  • The importance of DEJ (dermal epidermal junction) in skin ageing.
Skin Conditions
  • Ageing: Cause and effects of ageing on the body systems.
  • Pigmentation: Understanding photo-aging and pigmentation.
  • Rosacea: The real cause of rosacea and how to treat it.
  • Acne: how acne develops and how to treat it.
  • Hormonal influence on skin health and condition: with a focus on puberty, pregnancy and menopause
  • Sensitive/sensitised skin: The causes of, and differences between sensitive and sensitised skin.
Advanced active ingredients
  • The science behind the ingredients in cosmeceuticals.
  • Index of active ingredients.
Combination Treatment Therapy
  • Which treatment for which condition: Looking at which advanced skin treatments will give the best results to the range of skin conditions
  • Combining treatments: How best to combine advanced skin treatments in one treatment.
  • Diet: How to incorporate diet in your client’s treatment to maximise results.


ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Skin Peeling
ITEC Level 4 in Skin Needling
ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Radio Frequency


Course Structure

Aside from your practical training, much of the  qualification comprises of home study, making this an ideal route for those who wish to study flexibly around other commitments.

The theory will be completed at home online through our easy to study webinars, powerpoints & manuals to download. If you wish to purchase the manuals printed then you can buy here 

This allows you to familiarise yourself fully with the theory, allowing you to focus fully on acquiring and demonstrating your practical skills during our training days.

Written assessment papers will need to be completed and will provide further evidence of your knowledge and understanding of the subject. 

Once you have submitted your written assignments you can book theory exam and then your practical training

Your practical training will be arranged at your nearest centre. We have locations around the UK & Ireland so they are within easy reach.

As we want you to be confident and competent when you finish, we do not set a limit on practical days 

Facial Skincare is two days

Facial Electrics is two days 

Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation is 3 days

Skin Peels, Skin needling & Radiofrequency 3 days

If you do not feel confident after then you can book extra days no further charge!

Practical training days will consist of a demo in the morning and then practising on models the rest of the time

Each day will run from 10am  - 4.30pm

You will need to complete:

Written Assessment needs to be submitted and passed before moving to the next stage 

Theory exams

1 x theory exam Facial Skincare

1  x theory exam for Facial Electrics 

1 x theory exam each for Skin Peels, Skin Needling  & Radiofrequency

There is two parts to each exam. 70% is required to move on to practical training

Practical assessment  An IQA examiner will be booked to come to observe a treatment carried out by you and observe our assessors. VTCT is contuining assessment which means with practical you keep doing until you get it right. 

Once you complete the practical assessment and passed then we submit to VTCT to claim for a certifcate

All courses are run as small groups (4/5 people) which allows plenty of opportunity to ask questions or seek further support if required. This also ensures that over the few days, you will have lots of models to practice on.

All of our tutors specialise in Aesthetics and have worked in the industry for years. Our college curriculum is based around moving into advanced skin treatments not just learning beauty facials.

All centres have the very latest equipment and products required to adhere to industry standards. We also have an on-going Support Team and a Facebook group available to answer any query you may have regarding your training with us.

Students will require a good command of spoken and written English to complete the VTCT qualification.

Students will need to have completed a GCSE and are over the age of 18

You will have  completed a level 2 and 3 recognised certificate in skin treatments





Mnauals are downloadable from the online portal to assist you in the completion of your written coursework & in preparation for your assessments. If you would like a printed version you can purchase it from our shop here 

All products and tools are provided for the training days at the centre when you attend. No kit is required to complete the training days, nor included in the course fee. Tea & coffee are provided on the training days.

VTCT / ITEC Certification
VTCT is a Government approved Awarding Body offering National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs), Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) and other vocationally related qualifications (VRQs). VTCT has been in existence for over forty years and has been at the forefront of developing the vocational system of qualifications in the United Kingdom.

After completing the course, you will receive qualifications, recognised across the world that are fully Insurable

Our training is completely independent of all suppliers, we won’t give you sales pitch or a spiel. We will tell you the truth and the difference between all these machines.


Once you have completed all training and coursework, you will arrange to attend a practical assessment day to achieve your VTCT qualification.

When you have successfully completed the Become a Facialist course, you will receive a certificate issued by us. This not only demonstrates your commitment to the training but also allows you to obtain Public Liability insurance so you can start offering treatments to paying clients from home or mobile.

Once you have completed your assessment days you will also receive your VTCT qualification certificate (this can take up to 12 weeks to be released from the awarding body VTCT).

Career Progression

All of our diploma courses enable you to work from both home and mobile offering the specialised treatment(s) that you have completed. You can start earning by offering treatments to paying clients as soon as you have obtained your insurance.

*This course is what you need if you want to get a job in a clinic

We also offer a course on Setting up a Skin Clinic to help you create your own clinic

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L4 in Peels, Needling and Radio Frequency