Level 5 Tattoo Removal

Our course is well known as the “go-to” course for medical professionals, experienced entrepreneurs, and leading tattoo artists that want the premier laser tattoo removal course.

Our VTCT Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal Course has both a high standard of teaching and a focus on the realities of the market, meaning that we help develop both your patient care and your business.

There are many training programs that offer courses that touch on laser tattoo removal as part of a general education. Many students who come to us have in fact paid for a completed a laser course elsewhere, but feel unconfident and under-qualified. In our course, however, we focus entirely on laser tattoo removal, giving you a well-rounded and thorough education on it.

Our VTCT Level 5 Tattoo Removal Course covers everything you need to know for starting up your own tattoo removal company.

  • Learn everything you need to know to start up and run your own lucrative tattoo removal business.
  • Benefit from the experience of directors from one of London’s most successful tattoo removal companies.
  • The course includes theory, practical experience, advanced techniques and business marketing advice.

The course covers theory, practical training, and all aspects of setting up a successful business. You will be able to tap into the knowledge of the directors of the company, who have personally performed thousands of treatments on clients, including celebrities and professional sports people, and benefit from their extensive experience.

To ensure every learner gets the most from the course, we have a maximum of five spaces available for each date.

  • Laser physics – knowledge of Q Switched Lasers
  • Definitions of laser
  • Classifications of laser
  • Interaction of laser with tissue
  • Effects of laser radiation on eye
  • Laser safety
  • Health & Safety
  • Anatomy & Physiology of skin
  • Client Care & Communication/ Consultations
  • Skin Types – Fitzpatrick Scale
  • Contra indications/Actions
  • Pre / Post care

Course Structure

Aside from your practical training, much of the qualification comprises of home study, making this an ideal route for those who wish to study flexibly around other commitments. This allows you to familiarise yourself fully with the theory, allowing you to focus fully on acquiring and demonstrating your practical skills at our training days.

Our training days run from 10am to 4pm (arrival is at 9:45, to allow a prompt start), with a short break for lunch.

You will learn the theory of the treatment first, and spend the majority of the training days acquiring and demonstrating your practical skills, with a short break for lunch.

Why us?

– We always teach a small group size (4-5 people), which means that you will never feel lost in a sea of faces, and allows plenty of opportunity to ask questions or seek further support if required. This also ensures that over the few days, you will have plenty of models to practice on.

– All of our tutors specialise in Aesthetics and have worked in the industry for years. We don’t simply teach the basics of a beauty facial: our college curriculum is geared towards graduates looking to move into advanced skin treatments.

– All centres have the very latest equipment and products required to adhere to current industry standards. We also have an on-going Support Team and a Facebook group available to answer any query you may have regarding your training with us.

– Our training is completely independent of all suppliers; we won’t give you sales pitch or a spiel. We will tell you the truth and the difference between all these machines.

– We aim to give the highest standard of training. If, by the end of the course, you feel that you need more time or more practical training, then you are more than welcome to join more practical classes – free of charge.

– We provide follow-up support. If you have any questions or are unsure of anything, we are there to help.

Level 5 Tattoo Removal Course 

Course Fee: £1800 + VAT (includes registration fee & Exam fee)

Entry Requirements: Level 4 Laser Hair Removal

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