Treatments at Skin Philosophy Training days: one of the best-kept secrets in the beauty industry. The treatments our students are practising – such as laser hair removal, IPL skin rejuvenation, peels and skin needling – would typically cost hundreds of pounds, but our models pay only £5.

The students performing the treatments have already had a thorough grounding in the theory and protocol, and are closely monitored by trainers at all times in a safe and relaxing environment. We also offer post-treatment after-care for our models.

The treatments target concerns such as thread veins, laser hair removal, pigmentation and ageing skin.

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Models Wanted For:

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a virtually pain-free, safe and effective method of permanent hair reduction that can be applied to all of those problem areas of the body (face, arms, legs, bikini line etc.) and on all types of skin including darker skin.

Tattoo Removal

The laser produces short pulses that pass through the skin and the energy breaks the pigment down into particles, which are safely removed by the body’s lymphatic system. Please note that a course of treatments is required, but our training days happen throughout the year.

Thread Vein Removal

This treatment can treat facial and leg teleangiectasias, spider veins, rosacea, and other vascular malformations.

Pigmentation Removal

The laser works well to reduce sun spots, age spots and freckles, and some lasers can also treat more serious types of pigmentation such as melasma. The light energy breaks down the pigment into tiny particles, which then slough away and leave more youthful, even-toned skin.

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