4 in 1 Facial Electric Machine

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Our 4 in 1 facial electric machine offers 6 treatments with 4 different technologies.

Vacuum Suction & Spray

A sluggish lymphatic system often leads to the buildup of toxins, swelling, and medical oedema. The lymphatic system carries waste to drainage points known as lymph nodes, where they are then filtered and removed from the body. Vacuum suction is a mechanical method of draining waste and toxins from under the skin towards the lymph nodes to be removed from the body.

Galvanic (Desincrustation & Spray)

Galvanic treatments use direct current (dc) which produces a chemical change in the tissues of the skin by reacting with sodium chloride (salt). The treatment requires two electrodes in order to make a complete circuit. The first inactive electrode is held by the client, whilst the second negative electrode is applied to the skin by the therapist. The polarity of the electrodes can be switched between positive (+) or negative (-). The positively charged electrode is called the anode whilst the negatively charged electrode is called the cathode.

There are two methods of galvanic application to the face. Disincrustation which is a deep cleansing treatment and Iontophoresis which is used for the application of specialist products

HIgh Frequency (Direct & Indirect)

High-frequency machines use an alternating (AC) electrical current at a high frequency of 200,000 – 250,000 hertz. A small flow of current passes from the equipment via a wire to an insulated handle which has a glass electrode fitted. The effects of the current are localised to the point of contact of the electrode on the skin

There are two different methods of applying high-frequency to your client: direct and indirect. Both methods have the effect of increasing circulation, bringing essential nutrients to the skin, and aiding in the removal of waste products. The treatment also warms the skin, assisting in the absorption of products, and erythema will be visible. A soothing or stimulating effect can also be achieved depending on the method used.

Direct is applying the device to the skin to treat congestion, breakouts, and bacteria. Suitable for oily, acne, and rosacea skin. In-direct is giving the electrode to the client to hold whilst performing a massage. This increases circulation relaxes the muscles and increases the absorption of products. Suitable for dry and aging skin.


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