Gold Roller

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Product description

This exciting and meticulously crafted new Gold Roller has 260 ultra fine definitive points, gente on the skin and ensuring enhancement of the skin product

Benefits of our Gold Roller

  • Luxuriously gold plated finish.
  • Gold is antiseptic and ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Auto-clavable and easy to clean.
  • More durable than plastic, for a longer lasting tool.
  • Meticulously crafted, with ultra-fine definitive points.
  • Designed to help enhance the look and feel of your skin.
  • Genlte on the skin with less needles on the head

How to use:

  1. Cleanse your skin throughly before use and apply your serum
  2. Divide your target areas into sections and roll each section vertically, obliquely and horizontally with the roller for 3-5 minutes, using mild but firm pressure.
  3. Use it twice a week it can be used up to daily
  4. Rinse the roller with warm water before and after use, and cleanse once a week with the included disenfectant spray
  5. Roller can be used for 3-4 months before replacing


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