How to use this course

A 1-minute video on how to navigate the browser. Note the ‘complete and continue’ button, which you must press to have your course marked as completed. You can re-watch videos as many times as you’d like after clicking the ‘complete’ option.

  • The questions are in each drive All you need to do is type in the answer below each question.
  • Please download to your computer everything first. 
  • You are expected to use notes and VTCT workbook to help with answers as well as using your own resources e.g. internet. Work simply copied and pasted from the internet will NOT be accepted. 
  • Questions that ask you to explain, evaluate or describe require detailed answers NOT lists or bullet points.
  • All work must be typed and emailed to be corrected and then  printed and placed in polly pockets with cardboard dividers between each section and placed in a folder  with VTCT book and consultation forms. Advance course notes may be removed.
  • Each section must start on a separate page
  • Work MUST be submitted on due date. This is non-negotiable.
  • The Assessor and IQA will check that your written assessment and evidence is valid, authentic and reliable and meets VTCT and regulatory requirements